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Foodie Talks with Third Culture Bakery

Featuring Bahn Mi & foods from chef David Tu
Desserts and beverages provided by Third Culture Bakery
Hosted by Ciel Creative Space

ALL PROCEEDS FROM TICKET SALES WILL GO TO BENEFIT 1951 COFFEE COMPANY - a non-profit coffee organization that promotes the well-being of the refugee community in the United States by providing job training and employment to refugees, asylees, and special immigrant visa holders while educating the surrounding community about refugee life and issues.



- Chef Tu David Phu is a first generation Vietnamese-American with a rich culinary background.
An alumni of highly regarded kitchens (such as: Daniel, Acquerello and Chez Panisse) his cooking reflected a wide range of cooking cultures - from the American culinary greats to classical European traditions. But his roots were quite different. His family hails from the Island of Phu Quoc, accredited as the birthplace of fish sauce in Asia. Consequently he has family roots in Award Winning Fish Sauce Production, Hung Thanh 1895.
- After a decade of cooking, he began to immerse himself in the practices, ingredients, techniques, and flavors of Vietnamese cuisines.
- Revisiting his favorite childhood dishes through the memory of taste, he started to cook the cuisine of his Mothers' generations-old wisdom handed down grassroots-style. In 2016 he began garnering press and accolades with his weekly pop up dinners “ANAVDE - a Vietnamese Dining Experience.” 
- San Francisco Chronicle named him 2017 Rising Star Chef , featured contestant on Bravo's Top Chef Season 15, Host for ABC’s Taste Buds: Chefsgiving, nominated for a James Beard Award.

- Ingrid Goesnar is a co-founder of Mavencook, a global platform for home cooks to share their culinary knowledge within a positive community. The initial concept for Mavencook started with dosa. Ingrid discovered that Indian cuisine was one of the most challenging to master until she connected with Indian home cooks and bloggers. With their personal instruction, she was able to create the perfect dosa on the first try. This was the birth of Mavencook.
- With a background in operations and finance, Ingrid has worked in diverse industries including several start-ups. Ingrid’s mission is to open up a world of opportunities for home cooks across the globe, particularly women. They can earn a side income doing what they love while sharing their passion and getting some of the recognition they deserve. Ingrid also desires to make the specialty ingredients used to create the authentic flavors featured on the platform more accessible through the Mavencook app.
- Leveraging her powerful intuitive gifts and strategic abilities, Ingrid has built a strong network of incredibly talented home cooks. You will find her traveling all over the world, discovering and recruiting home cooks who are ready to become a part of the Mavencook community and share their passion for cooking across the globe.

- Born and raised in Healdsburg, California. Christian started his first bakery Moustache Baked Goods at the age of 21. Soon after he also opened Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar both located in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country. This year at 30, Christian and his team opened their 4th brick and mortar tin Sonoma County.
- Christian, also serves as board President of Positive Images a 501-C-3 non profit serving the LGBTQ+ community in Sonoma County since 1990. Positive Images engages our community through youth leadership programs, peer advocacy, and prevention and early intervention. Christian is passionate about ice cream, sweets, equanimity in our most marginalized in rural communities and is a fierce advocate for queer/trans rights in the North Bay.

Earlier Event: July 20
Gallery Opening: Crystal Ma