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Evan Shwartz & Más Que el Chile


Evan Shwartz spends his time at Ciel working for Cyperus Media, but his time outside of this has been spent on his passion project - Más Que el Chile.

Más Que el Chile is about lifting the curtain between the USA and México to get to know the two countries on a personal level. While the format is a modern Spanish-language sitcom,you could call this a new type of infotainment. Watch as gringos move to México and do their best to fit in and be part of a culture; learning more about it in every episode. We explore themes like sexuality, religion, healthcare, and politics between the neighboring countries.

Our starring cast is made up of comedians, Telenovela actors, and two gringos that are enamored with Mexico. Everyone on the team writes, produces, and creates work that is shaping the current cultural landscape. We aim to maintain focus on Latinx voices who represent their own culture together with what foreigners brings to the table as caring, yet admittedly naive, citizens of the United States.

The title Más Que el Chile comes from the Mexican phrase ser más mexicano que el chile, or, to be more Mexican than the chili pepper. This idea represents the gringos' mission to become more than just a visitor: He wants to be part of a society that is both beloved and misunderstood in the USA. Everyone wants to be seen as a human, not just a label. Through their friends we see who México really is (spoiler alert: More than "some" are good people)

Three co-stars live and work in México and Dash resides in California. We invite you to watch their stand-up specials, series on Telemundo, Comedy Central, Netflix, and their social media channels. We aim to leave no topic left behind, thanks to their observational humor, unique and modern comedy skills, and of course their personal relationships with México.

After filming and post-production are complete, we will be heading to MIP Cancún where we will pitch our pilot to be picked up for an entire first season on a major television platform. The more financing we have the better this pilot will be. If we get enough backing then we could even create the entire first season. What we're asking for here is just barely enough to make the first episode but we will find a purpose for every dollar that comes in to either film more episodes or expand our marketing outreach during pilot season so that your project gets into the right hands.

For a frame of reference, you can think of shows like Broad City (Comedy Central), 30 Rock (NBC), Sobreviví (YouTube Originals), Club de Cuervos (Netflix), and Veep (ABC). We're embracing the current wave of youthful narrative storytelling and strong female leads. 

This series vision is a somewhat new concept for Mexican television. Sure, there have been shows in the past about a silly American, but we've never seen such a deep connection between gringos and life in México. This is meant to be a high quality program, with realism, comedy, and unique characters - and we believe we can make it a reality. 

Más Que El Chile will clearly present México as an incredible country and show how Mexicans and Americans are equals - we're all human and deserve respect.

 Our Promises 

  • Majority Mexican crew, writers, actors, and locations. 

  • Zero whitewashing: Considerable understanding of culture in México and the United States.

  • Keep costs low by having the show creator do the majority of pre and post production; this saves us tens of thousands of dollars. 

  • Quality content which puts positive messaging above business interests - We have a lot to say and it won't be conveyed any differently just to gain approval of corporate entities. This is why we are working hard to produce this ourselves and on our own terms.

  • Honest takes on sexuality, race, religion, poverty, healthcare and more both in México and the USA.

  • Fully Spanish-language since this content is created for a group that is underrepresented in media.

  • Our company, Dejito Productions LLC, vows to be transparent with the crew and actors in order to guide us in paying fair wages above what is expected in México alongside compensating women equal to their male counterparts.

  • Strong comedic focus to provide accessible and thought provoking acknowledgement of our core values.

  • Spending our finances wisely. Trim fat, let ideas go, accept unexpected revisions, and have a line-by-line budget encompassing all aspects of production plus marketing aimed at buyers who can fund and distribute our first season.

  • Regional production from the ground up. This means working with local businesses, casting directors who want to showcase up and coming talent, and filming locations in México. A few local-to-Xalapa crew already on board: Girandova ProduccionesLuis Bonilla MakeupDigma Video.


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