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Artist Bio: Crystal Ma


We are looking forward to Crystal Ma’s residency as our featured artist starting in July. She recently talked to us about her background and artist process:

“Born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco, my artistic style is a blend of the culturally rich Golden City and the colorful and chaotic island. I have always enjoyed the contrast of the two cities.  I have been passionate about art and creating things ever since I could remember. As a young child, I would melt boxes of crayons over a hot lamp and layer the different colors of wax to form "sculptures".  The fluidity of melted wax fascinated and resonated in me.

"In my adult life, art was left behind for some years.  My passion for art revived after the birth of my youngest son.  During my maternity leave, I was in search of myself. I would find any stretch of time to paint. When I begun to pour my medium, it felt like an effortless dance from my soul.  What started as a creative outlet, quickly evolved into pure obsession. After my children went to bed each night, I would paint. My passion deepened further after I discovered the fluid art form.  It brought me back to the fluidity of the melted wax which brought me so much joy. From fluid acrylic painting, I naturally progressed into resin painting.

Resin Work: 

Elements of spontaneity and control are both present in my work. I am passionate about experimenting. The unpredictable outcome when exploring the world of conventional and unconventional mediums elevated my creative process. Utilizing a non-traditional painting technique, which centers on combining epoxy resin with ink, acrylic, pigment and non-traditional mediums, my work features an audacious use of colors playfully poured, layered and tossed over wooden cradled boards. I make no attempts to portray actual forms but the mere feeling of being immersed in a world of colors excites me.

My work has been featured on INSIDER Arts and MTV Finland, The Cosmopolitan and The Reno Philharmonic's annual brochure.  My work is sold and collected internationally across the many continents of the world.”

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Crystal Ma


Instagram: @ma.artlife “

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